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Sending QSL cards is becoming an expensive business, so I am prepared to send stations that I have worked their QSL cards by email as pdf files so that they can be printed locally in 6" x 4" (150 x 100mm) photocards

- BUT, I want you to send mine the same way first please.

My email address is:

If you send me an email with your QSL attached and it will print onto a 6" x 4" photocard, then I will send yours back by return.

Here's and example of one of my QSL cards to see if this works for you - g4cch_vk2ams_23cm_jt65c_110916.pdf

Please note that this is experimental, and I may chose to withdraw this capability if it proves to be unsuccesful.
For now lets give it a try and see what happens...


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