ARRL EME Contest 2007

G4CCH Full log details... for the scrutineers

I'm sure by now, that many of you will have observed that my result in the ARRL 2007 Contest has changed.

Just so there are no illusions about what class I entered, which modes I used, who I worked during the contest, and whether I claimed to have operated Assisted or Unassisted, I am making all of the information public so that the EME Community can decide for themselves:

I sent in 3 logs - Analog, Digital and Mixed Mode, ALL Unassisted.

Here's the info if anyone wants to check:

G4CCH Cover Sheet Analog
G4CCH Log Analog

G4CCH Cover Sheet Digital
G4CCH Log Digital

G4CCH Cover Sheet Mixed Mode
G4CCH Log Mixed Mode

Why did I do this?... it was unclear to me from the rules if I could only enter ONE class or if I could enter ALL THREE. In the event that only ONE class was allowed, then my preference was for the Analog Class, and I made this clear in my email when I sent my logs in to the ARRL.

It turned out that only one entry was allowed, and I was entered in the Analog Unassisted class as was my preference.

ALL of my operation during the contest was UNASSISTED, as declared in ALL of my Summary Sheets... I did NOT receive any assistance from any source whilst operating in ANY of the Modes used including Digital.

The situation is confused by the report that I posted  to the Moon Net reflector after the contest but before I sent in my entry to the ARRL. This subsequently appeared in the 432 and Up EME Newsletter in January 2008.

In my report I stated that "This year I will be entering the contest in the 23cm Mixed Mode Assisted section". In fact the word assisted was a typo... it should have read unassisted. Also, I changed my mind  about my preference of category to Analog prior to sending in my entry as explained above, on my website activity report 25th November 2007 and in my soapbox comments posted on the ARRL's website.

Unfortunately, I didn't realise my mistake until some time after I had posted my report, and unfortunately I didn't correct what I had said, apart from responding to comments made in K1RQG's net Notes for 1st March 2008. I DID email K1RQG with a correction, but never received a reply or my correction in any subsequent Net Notes or anywhere else.

So there it is... If you have any comments about this, then please email me privately at howard(at)g4cch(dot)com.

Also, if you need any more evidence of any kind... if I have it, then you can see it, I have absolutely NOTHING to hide.

The jury is out...


Update October 2010

Up until now, nobody including the ARRL ever had any comment to make about this...


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