20 February 2004

Finally fixed the problem with Elevation readout... bad edge connector to elevation interface, 5V out to inclinometer.

Unfortunately, I lost all tracking calibration while installing an extra PC in the shack for JT44... accidentally pulled the power on the tracking interface.

Had to recalibrate, so I took the opportunity to replace the touch memories in my VE1ALQ interfaces... they should have held position data while powered down.

Recalibrating the elevation sensor took longer than expected... got confused about the direction of rotation.

Had my first try at JT44... hoping to try with DL3OCH on his DXpedition to EA9 and ZB2.
Made a partial with GW3XYW, Stu could not decode my signal though it was easily audible. Found out later that my TX audio levels were set way too high. 

The activity weekend of 7th & 8th Feb was also the 1296 MHz EME SSB Contest. Activity was low, and high winds forced me to quit at 0330 losing several hours of operating time.

Consequently, my contest score was much lower than last year -  12 x 2 x 7 = 168 points.

Here's my log for the weekend:

07 February 2004
0022 GW3XYW 55/45 (IO), 0030 OE9XXI 59/56 (JN), 0045 HB9BBD 59/57 (JN), 0058 K5GW 58/57 (EM), 0122 N2UO 559/559 & 43/43 (FN) on SSB, 0146 DL4MUP 559/569 & 44/43 (JN) on SSB, 0229 F2TU 55/55 (JN), 0240 K5JL 57/57 (EM), 0250 W7BBM 43/55 (DM), 0254 OZ6OL 54/54 (JO), 0302 K2UYH 55/55 (FN), 0318 VE6TA 559/569 & 43/54 (DO) on SSB.

Later, 2206 G3LTF 559/559 and finally my first JT44 QSO  -  2316 OE9ERC O/O.


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