03 May 2004

Activity was very low this month. During the activity weekend on 1st & 2nd May conditions were very good... my echoes peaked S9 and were detectable with only 5 W.

I have had very little free time recently, so virtually no progress with my CT1DMK reflock/G8ACE PLL LO for 23cm. I checked the  OCXO (VXCO for the PLL) frequency with my GPS locked counter... it's settling down nicely, only 10Hz drift at 1268Mhz over the last month.

Hyperlinks in text below are to Real Audio files... you can download the latest version of Real Audio Player for free at  www.real.com ... more clips to add later 

02 May
0048 WA6PY 559/559 with his new 3.6m dish.

01 May
1831 DK7LJ 58/55 on SSB Per has a 1KW SSPA at the feed of his 9m dish! 1923 OH2DG 569/569, 2225 N2UO 559/569, 2234 G4DZU 539/559 passing through zenith, 2320 W2UHI 579/579.

24 April
1749 W2DRZ 559/559 with Larry KA2ONY operating.

03 April
2006 GW3XYW 569/569, 2102 IK3COJ 549/549, 2150 HB9JAW 56/55 on SSB.

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