29 December 2004

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29 December
OH6NVQ RO/M for initial # 199 with 3m Dish and 150W, and 2330 OH3MCK RO/O with 200W and 27dBi linear polarisation.

27 December
0110 W7BBM 55/55 on ssb... John now has 200W and is much louder.
Also heard OH3MCK  O copy and ON6NVQ  O/439 in sked with K9SLQ.

26 December
2243 DF4PV 559/559, 2300 K9SLQ 569/569.

20 December
2000 Sked IW2FZR M/RO for initial # 198... Dario has a 4m dish and 80watts

19 December
1645 LA9NEA 539/559, 2019 N2UO 559/559, 2027 ON7UN 569/559, 2045 K9SLQ 569/569, 2120 NA4N 549/559, 2213
W4SM 569/569 for initial # 197 and 2225 OZ6OL 559/559.

ARRL EME Contest - Second Leg
I was active for the second leg of the contest, and added 19 more QSO's. My final score was 68 x 36 = 244800 Points. As in the last leg, a few stations got away, and some seemed to just appear for a "golden QSO" never to be heard again.

Conditions were good on the 4th but libration made things more difficult on the 5th. Activity was good on both days, but I was disappointed by the low level of activity from the US.

The contest brought out a few new stations, and my QSO's with ON7UN, W6YX and LA9NEA improved my standings to 196 initials.

Here's the log...

5th December AW and Contest
0045 LA8LF, 0051 JH5LUZ, 0632 LA9NEA for initial # 196, 0901 F6KHM on SSB, 0908 W5LUA and 0950 OE9ERC.

Also heard were IK2FZR, S59DCD, 9H1ES and OH6NVQ.

4th December AW and Contest
0036 JA4BLC dupe, 0040 JR4ZZS,  0047 JA6AHB, 0135 JA8IAD dupe, 0152 SKUX dupe, 0158
I5MPK, 0337 UR5LX, 0421 OE5EYM, 0701 N2IQ, 0724 KAY, 0734 VE6TA, 0748 ON7UN on SSB for initial # 194, 0751 DKZAB, 0813 SM2CEW, 0832 F2TU, 1042 W6YX for initial # 195 and 1052 NA4N dupe.

Also heard EA3UM , but only once.


Thanks to all the stations that worked me this year... it's been really great fun!   Now I'm looking forward to next year. 

Good luck and happy new year to everyone.


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