23 February 2005

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21 February
Tried  a test with ZS5LEE 3.7m dish and 10W. Lee did not hear me, and suspects tree blockage and pointing accuracy may have been the problem maybe with a better window and more power at Lees end it will be possible.

Activity Weekend and SSB Contest

All QSOs SSB except those with reports which were CW.

I made 21 x SSB QSOs and 4 x CW/SSB QSOs for a total score in the SSB contest of 11 x 45 = 495 points (provisional to be checked), plus 4 x CW only non counting QSOs

Gotaways were WB5AFY, & F5HRY.

20 February
VE6TA (cw/ssb), WA6PY, VA7MM (cw/ssb), 0221 KL6M RO/O, G3LTF 569/569 and IW2FZR RO/O.

19 February 
ON7UN, SK0UX, HB9Q, 1647 HA5SHF 539/559, LX1DB, F6KHM, OE9ERC, 1802 LA9NEA 549/559, F1ANH, GW3XYW, OE5EYM, 2029 IK3COJ 539/549, OZ6OL, K9SLQ, N2UO (cw/ssb), K5GW, K4QI, K2UYH, W7BBM, OZ4MM, K5JL, HB9SV, K0YW and G3LTF.


Pre Activity Weekend Equipment Tests

18 February
1940 ON7UN 569/569, 1950 IK3COJ 539/449, 2106 F1ANH 539/549, 2112 K4QI 569/559 and 2119 W7BBM 54/55 

15 February
2011 IW2FZR RO/O, 2024 SK0UX 569/569, 2035, K9SLQ 579/579 and 2043 SM2CEW 569/569.


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