NEC 6GHz SSPA - Information needed

I have acquired an NEC 6GHz SSPA and need some information to see if it could be
suitable for 5.7GHz EME.

On the back of the PA heatsink its marked:
NEC 939490 RF AMP 84-2 No 1026

It has a PSU attached which is 48V input and is marked:
NEC 90540 FET PS 83-12 No 5414

There are 7 stages in total, and the last 3 stages are NEC 45001C + 45003C +
2 x 45003

I will look try to identify the lower power devices later.

A quick search on google found nil... so if anyone know's anything then please email me.

Any help or advice would would be appreciated

Here are some photographs to help to identify what I've got






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