DL3OCH Expedition to T7, San Marino

1st May 2008

Hello EME friends,

I was planning it for a couple month and today the licence finally arrived.
I will put T7 (San Marino) on 23cm via the moon on air. I am looking forward to work you all. Please let me know if you are able to be QRV on that day.

Pay attention to my new call sign

My call: T7/HB9EHJ
My grid: JN 63 FW
Date: Thursday, May 1st
Time: 10:00... 13:00UTC
Frequency: 1296.090 MHz
Mode: JT65C, I will always TX first

In case it will rain or something else happens, I will be QRV on Friday the 2nd May from 10:30... 13:30UTC.
I have the same equipment like in Monaco. Everybody of you should be able to
work me.

Vy 73 de Bodo, DL3OCH, HB9EHJ


Update - 1st May 2008, 1306z

Hello EME friends...

Not everything worked how it should today. We arrived at 8am here in San Marino and had beautiful weather. It was sunny with blue sky. I have started to set up equipment at 9:15z and was QRV at 09:45z. I worked OK1TEH tropo in CW. The signal was strong but with very heave QSB.
It became cloudy and I moved the antenna to the moon as soon as the QSO with OK1TEH was done. I called cq and saw DJ9YW, HB9Q, OK1DFC and ES6RQ calling.


I started to call DJ9YW but he disappeared after two periods. Big black rain clouds moved over and I didn't see any signals any more. I then saw HB9Q calling and called but he then disappeared. The next hour was mostly like that, just an up and down between copying a signal with -24dB or no trace at all. With these difficult conditions I was finally able to work OK1DFC (-23dB), HB9Q (-24dB) and DJ9YW (-25dB). The clouds became bigger and it started to rain. I decided to take everything down to protect the equipment for damages. I wont be QRV today because its raining and the moon will go down soon.
I therefore will be on the moon tomorrow again. Please look at the 1296.090 for me in JT65C (I do TX first). I will be on between 10:00z and 12:00z. The weather is supposed to be really nice tomorrow.

ES6RQ, you were up to -24dB today, please call tomorrow again.

Ok, I will look for all. Please make sure you TX on the sked frequency (not my own echo frequency). You TX on the 090, second.

Vy 73 de Bodo, T7/HB9EHJ

Update - 2nd May 2008, 1352z

Hello EME friends...

Today was really good for EME. The weather was perfect. Blue sky, temperature 20C and no wind. Moon was visibly which made it easier to point the antenna to the moon.

I now worked the following stations from San Marino:

May 1:
OK1TEH, tropo, CW, very QSB
OK1DFC, -23dB
HB9Q, -24dB
DJ9YW, -25dB (needed a few tries)

May 2:
OK1KIR, -26dB
PA3CSG, -22dB
DJ9YW, -23dB (best signal from him ever) K2UYH, -20dB (speaker) W5LUA, -24dB

Heinrich told me that there was also RD3DA and SV1OE calling. Sorry I missed ES6RQ as well. I was QRV earlier this morning but not early enough.

I will be QRV again on Sunday between 07:00UTC and 08:00UTC, just before leaving. I still would like to work G4CCH, OH2DG and ES6RQ. ...if possible other stations as well.

Vy 73 de Bodo, T7/HB9EHJ



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