Hear some recordings of EME signals at my station

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Real Audio Files

You will need Real Player basic to play these files. If you don't have this already... you can download it for free at www.real.com

Using Old 2.4m Dish (1982 to 2000)

FF1EME SSB 23cm  
F1ANH CW 23cm  
DL9EBL CW 23cm  
OE9ERC CW 23cm  
OE9XXI SSB 23cm  

Using 5.4m Dish (2000 to present)

ON0EME   CW   23cm EME Beacon - April 2012. 2.5Khz BW  
ON0EME   CW   23cm EME Beacon - April 2012. 50Hz BW  
9H1ES   CW   23cm    
AD6IW   CW SSB 23cm 30m The Jamesburg Earth Station in Cachagua Valley California, USA U tube Video
AL7RT   CW   23cm    
C31TLT   CW   23cm and again in 2.5KHz  
CT1DMK CW 23cm  
CT3/DL1YMK   CW   23cm    
DKZAB CW 23cm  
DL1HYZ   CW   23cm    
DL1YMK CW 23cm  
DL1YMK/CX   CW   23cm MP3  
DL1YMK   CW   13cm MP3  
DK3SE   CW   23cm 2.2m dish, patch feed and 200W  
DF4PV CW SSB 23cm  
DL4MEA CW SSB 23cm  
DL4MEA   CW   13cm MP3  
DL4MUP CW 23cm  
DG5CST   CW   23cm MP3  
DH5RZ CW 23cm  
DJ5MN CW 23cm  
DK5MV CW 23cm  
DL6LAU SSB 23cm  
DL7YC   CW   6cm MP3 - 2.4m Dish, 125W at feed  
DL7YC   CW   9cm MP3 - 2.4m Dish 125W at feed  
DF9QX   CW   13cm MP3  
DL8OBU CW 23cm  
DK7LJ SSB 23cm  
DF9QX CW 23cm  
DH9FAG CW 23cm  
DJ3JJ   CW   23cm MP3 - 2.5m dish, 100W
Here's a clip of G4CCH at DJ3JJ
DJ9YW CW SSB 23cm  
DO6ME CW 23cm  
E44QX   CW   23cm MP3 - 1.5m dish, OK1DFC septum feed, 300W  
EA3UM CW 23cm  
EI/DL1YMK   CW   23cm    
ES5PC   CW   23cm    
ES5PC   CW   9cm MP3  
ES5PC   CW   6cm MP3  
ES6RQ   CW   23cm    
F1OAT CW 23cm  
F1PYR CW 23cm  
F2CT   CW   6cm    
F2TU SSB 23cm  
F2TU   CW SSB 13cm MP3  
F5AQC SSB 23cm  
F5HRY CW 23cm  
F5PL CW 23cm  
F5PAU CW 23cm  
F6CGJ CW 23cm  
F6ETI CW SSB 23cm  
F6KHM CW SSB 23cm  
F/G8MBI CW 23cm  
G100RSGB   CW   6cm MP3 at G4NNS location
G3LQR CW SSB 23cm  
G3LTF CW SSB 23cm  
G3LTF   CW   13cm MP3  
G3LTF   SSB   13cm MP3  - completing with RW1AW on SSB  
G3LTF   CW   9 cm MP3 - 6m dish 30W at feed  
G3LTF   CW   6cm MP3 - 6m dish 22W at feed again calling CQ
G3WDG   CW   6cm MP3 - 3m dish 70W at feed  
G4DDK   CW   23cm    
G4DZU CW 23cm  
G4HUP   CW   23cm    
G4KGC   CW   9cm MP3  
G4NNS   CW   9cm MP3  
G4NNS   CW   6cm MP3 - 3.7m dish, 35W at feed  
GM3SBC   CW   23cm    
GM4ISM CW 23cm  
GW3XYW CW SSB 23cm  
HB9BBD SSB 23cm  
HB9BCD CW 23cm  
HB9BHU CW 23cm  
HB9JAW CW 23cm  
HB9Q CW SSB 23cm  
HB9Q   CW   13cm MP3  
HB9Q   CW   9cm MP3  
HB9SV CW 23cm  
HB9SV   CW   13cm MP3  
HG100BAY CW 23cm  
I0UGB CW 23cm  
IZ1BPN   CW   23cm 8m dish and 80W at the feed  
IK2RTI   CW   6cm MP3  
IK2MMB CW SSB 23cm  
IK3COJ CW 23cm  
IW2FZR   CW SSB 13cm MP3  
IY4FGM/4 CW SSB 23cm  
IQ4DF   CW   23cm 7m dish and 200W  
I5MPK   CW   23cm    
JHYSI CW 23cm  
JA1BGU   CW   23cm    
JH1KRC CW 23cm  
JA4BLC CW 23cm  
JA4BLC   CW   13cm Clip from first QSO cross band 2424 MHz RX  
JA4LJB   CW   23cm MP3  
JA6AHB CW 23cm  
JA6CZD CW 23cm MP3  
JA6CZD   CW   6cm    
JA7BMB CW 23cm  
JA8ERE CW 23cm  
JA8ERE   CW   6cm MP3  
JA8IAD CW 23cm  
JF3HUC CW 23cm  
JH1KRC   CW   23cm MP3  
JH5LUZ CW 23cm  
JR4ZZS CW 23cm  
KYW SSB 23cm  
KAY CW SSB 23cm  
K0ALL   CW   23cm    
K1DS   CW   23cm    
K1RQG CW SSB 23cm  
K2AH CW 23cm  
K2DH CW SSB 23cm  
K2EY   CW   23cm    
K2UYH SSB 23cm  
K2UYH   CW   9cm MP3  
K2UYH   CW   6cm MP3  
K3AX CW 23cm  
K4QI CW SSB 23cm  
KD4LT CW 23cm  
KU4F CW 23cm  
K5PJR   CW   23cm    
KD5FZX CW 23cm  
K7XQ CW 23cm Here's Jeff calling OE9XXI with Linear Polarisation, 100W & 3.5m dish  
K9BCT CW 23cm  
K9KFR CW 23cm  
K9SLQ   CW SSB 23cm    
KL6M CW 23cm  
KP4AO   CW SSB 70cm MP3. Arecibo 1000ft dish.  
LA2Z   CW   23cm    
LA8AV   CW   23cm    
LA8LF CW 23cm  
LA8LF   CW   9cm MP3  
LA9NEA   CW   23cm LA9NEA with 2.4m stressed dish  
LU8EDR CW 23cm  
LX1DB SSB 23cm  
LX1DB   SSB   13cm MP3  
LX1DB   CW   9cm MP3  
LX1DB   CW   6cm MP3  
N2IQ CW SSB 23cm  
N2UO CW SSB 23cm  
NA4N   CW   23cm    
NA4N   CW   13cm MP3  
N7AM CW 23cm  
NL7F CW 23cm  
OE5EYM CW 23cm  
OE9ERC CW SSB 23cm  
OE9ERC   CW   13cm    
OE9XXI CW 23cm  
OH1LRY   CW   23cm    
OH2AXH CW 23cm  
OH2DG CW 23cm  
OM/OK1DFC   CW   13cm MP3  
OH6NVQ   CW   23cm    
OK1CA CW 23cm  
OK1CA   CW   9cm MP3  
OK1CA   CW   6cm MP3  
OK1DFC CW 23cm  
OK1KIR CW 23cm  
OK1KIR   CW   13cm MP3  
OK1KIR   CW   9cm MP3  
OK1KIR   CW   6cm MP3  
OK1UWA CW 23cm  
OK2DL   CW   23cm MP3  
OM/OK1DFC   CW   13cm MP3  
ON5RR   CW   6cm MP3 - 3m Dish, 90W at feed  
ON5RR CW 23cm  
OZ4MM CW SSB 23cm  
OZ4MM   CW   13cm MP3  
OZ6OL CW 23cm  
OX2K CW 23cm  
P43L   CW   23cm K2UYH Expedition to Aruba. 12ft dish 200W sspa  
PA0BAT   CW   13cm MP3  
PA0BAT   CW   9cm MP3  
PA0BAT   CW   6cm MP3  
PA0SSB CW SSB 23cm  
PA3DZL CW 23cm  
PA3DZL   CW   6cm MP3  
PA7JB   CW   6cm MP3 2.4m dish, 30W at feed  
PY1KK   CW   6cm MP3  
PY5ZBU CW 23cm  
RW1AW   CW   23cm    
RW1AW   SSB   13cm MP3 - completing with G3LTF  
RW3BP   CW   23cm 2.4m offset feed dish and 500W... what an amazing signal!  
SK0UX   CW SSB 23cm    
SK6OSO   CW   23cm 25m dish 400W 13th July 2103  
SM2CEW CW 23cm  
SM2CEW   CW   13cm MP3  
SM3AKW CW 23cm  
SM3LBN   CW   23cm    
SM4IVE   CW   70cm    
SM5CFS CW 23cm  
SM5LE   CW   23cm    
SM6CKU CW SSB 23cm  
SP6JLW   CW   23cm    
SP7DCS   CW   23cm  and again with new 6m dish MP3  
SQ6OPG   CW   6cm MP3  
SV1BTR   CW   70cm MP3  
SV1BTR   CW   23cm 3.6m dish  
SV1OE   CW   23cm    
TF/DL1YMK   CW   23cm    
TI2AEB   CW   23cm MP3  
UA3DJG   CW   23cm    
VE1ALQ CW 23cm  
VE3KRP   CW   23cm    
VE4MA CW 23cm  
VE4MA   CW   9cm MP3  
VE4MA   CW   6cm MP3  
VE4SA   CW   23cm 12ft Dish, VE4MA feed and 1 x 7289 N6CA PA  
VE6NA CW 23cm  
VE6TA CW 23cm VE6TA with his new dish  
VE6TA   CW   13cm MP3  
VA7MM CW 23cm  
VE7BBG CW 23cm  
VK3NX   CW   13cm MP3  
VK3NX   CW   9cm MP3  
VK3NX   CW   6cm MP3  
VK4AFL   CW   23cm    
VK4AFL   CW   13cm MP3  
VK4CDI   CW   9cm MP3  
VK5MC CW 23cm  
W1AW/1   CW   23cm    
W1QC CW 23cm  
W1ZX CW 23cm  
WA1JOF CW 23cm  
WB2BYP   CW   23cm    
W2DRZ CW 23cm  
W2UHI CW SSB 23cm  
W4OP CW 23cm  
W4SM   CW   23cm    
W4RDI CW 23cm  
WA4NJP CW 23cm  
WA4OFS   CW   23cm    
W5LUA CW SSB 23cm  
W5LUA   CW   13cm MP3  
W5LUA   CW   9cm MP3  
WA5WCP/1   CW   23cm From RI - New England, and From MA  
WA5WCP/7   CW   23cm From WY - Wyoming, and  from UT - Utah, and from Idaho  
WB5AFY   CW   23cm    
WD5AGO   CW   23cm MP3  
W6BY   CW   23cm 2.4m dish, round septum feed and 300W SSPA, at N9JIM  
W6HD CW 23cm  
W6IFE   CW   23cm    
WA6PY CW 23cm  
WA6PY   CW   9cm MP3  
W7BBM CW SSB 23cm  
W7CS CW 23cm  
W7GBI CW 23cm  
W7SZ CW 23cm  
W7QX CW 23cm  
W7UPF   CW   23cm    
WA8WZG CW 23cm  
W9IIX CW 23cm  
WA9OUU CW SSB 23cm  
WW2R   CW   23cm    
WW2R   CW   13cm MP3  
WW2R   CW   9cm MP3  
WW2R   CW   6cm MP3 at K5GW's  
YL3AG   CW   23cm    
Z3/OK1DFC   CW   23cm MP3  
ZS6AXT CW 23cm  


Most EME stations can hear echoes of their signals off the moon...

Listen to SM6CKU echo testing on 23cm SSB - notice the shift in frequency due to Doppler Shift

Here are my echoes on 23cm CW and SSB and more SSB on 10th June 07

Check out this short  video clip of my CW echoes (2.5Mb .mpg) on 23cm

More echoes this time on 9cm CW with 100W at the feed

Also on 6cm CW with just 10W at the feed, and later with 30W CW

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