The latest 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 9cm & 6cm EME activity from G4CCH
12th April 2014

Quick update

Hyperlinks on callsigns are to audio clips of signals (will add more clips later)

I was active on 6cm EME between 2nd and 8th April, this included the 6cm leg of the Dubus EME Contest.
Reports are removed for contest QSO's until after log submission date.

02/04/2014 19:00 5760 CW ES5PC 559 559            
04/04/2014 14:12 5760 CW G4NNS                
04/04/2014 14:28 5760 CW SQ6OPG                
04/04/2014 20:08 5760 CW PA0BAT                
04/04/2014 20:32 5760 CW 9A5AA     JN75XT Yes 35     2.4m offset feed dish, 35W
05/04/2014 10:56 5760 CW DL7YC                
05/04/2014 11:07 5760 CW OK1CA                
05/04/2014 11:23 5760 CW G3LTF                
05/04/2014 11:44 5760 CW TM8PB                
05/04/2014 11:54 5760 CW ES5PC                
05/04/2014 12:20 5760 CW OK1KIR                
05/04/2014 12:39 5760 CW JA6CZD                
05/04/2014 12:54 5760 CW OH2DG                
05/04/2014 13:18 5760 CW SM6CKU     JO67   36      
05/04/2014 13:37 5760 CW LA8LF     JO59BR Yes 37      
05/04/2014 14:08 5760 CW SM6FHZ                
05/04/2014 15:45 5760 CW IK2RTI                
05/04/2014 15:51 5760 CW SQ6OPG                
05/04/2014 15:58 5760 CW G4NNS                
05/04/2014 18:14 5760 CW PA3DZL                
05/04/2014 18:30 5760 CW K2UYH                
05/04/2014 18:42 5760 CW PA0BAT                
05/04/2014 19:09 5760 CW W5LUA                
05/04/2014 19:34 5760 CW 9A5AA                
05/04/2014 19:42 5760 CW WA6PY                
05/04/2014 20:02 5760 CW LX1DB                
05/04/2014 21:46 5760 CW G3WDG                
07/04/2014 20:32 5760 CW S59DCD O(549) RO(529) JN76NL Yes 38   Yes  
07/04/2014 21:55 5760 CW W5LUA 579 559           90W at feed
08/04/2014 20:28 5760 CW IZ2DJP O RO JN55FO Yes 39     3m dish, 10W at feed
12/04/2014 18:05 5760 CW VK3NX 569 569           3.7m prime focus dish,100W at feed

You can find more details of my Initials and standings here

Future Activity

Next activity will be on:
9cm EME - 3rd & 4th May 2014 in the DUBUS EME Contest


All that you need to make a JT65c QSO with me is >20dBi antenna and >100W... why not give it a try sometime, you might be surprised.

I can be QRV again over the next few days on CW and JT65c.
If anyone else wants to try then please E Mail me - howard(at)g4cch(dot)com

When I am QRV (but not during contests), you can usually find me on 1296.015 CW or 1296.085 JT65c. I have Internet access in the shack, and check HB9Q's logger and ON4KST microwave chat for possible activity. 


Please email me if you want a sked, otherwise you should find me during the various activity weekends... I will announce when I am going to be on.


Worked All States (WAS)

So far I have had 23cm EME QSO's with stations in 37 of the 50 US States. To complete WAS I need the following 13 states:  AL, AR, DE, KY, MN, MS, MT, NE, NV, OR, SC, SD & TN.

I would like to hear from anyone who could activate these states on 23cm EME either on CW or JT65... please email me if you have a 23cm EME capable station or have plans to build one, or if you intend to do an expedition to any of the listed states.


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